Florentia Earrings AMOR


These striking earrings feature a round cabochon stone surrounded by a crown of radiating hearts that together dazzle like the sun. They are based on a pair of third century AD Roman earrings.

Our earrings are available in two sizes, small and large. They are also available with the following central accent: red garnet stone, and freshwater pearl. Please indicate your choice in the Special Instructions area of this page.

Saint Florentia of Agde, France, was a Christian who was martyred under the emperor Diocletian, in the year AD 303. Interestingly, the city of Florence in Italy, today, was originally an old Roman town with the same name. The town later thrived under Diocletian, becoming the capital city of the Regio Tuscia et Umbria (more or less the areas of Tuscany and Umbria, today), an honor it would keep until the end of the Roman Empire.

While little is known of Saint Florentia, we do know that her name comes from the Latin florens, florentius, which means "blossoming." Our little earrings, resembling little flowers, are named after her.

Our earrings are available in 925 Sterling Silver and in golden Yellow Silver for $145.

Large Earring Details

Diameter of cabochon stone: .8 cm

Overall diameter of earring: 2 cm

Gold and Silver Type