Hemera Pendant AMOR


This unique pendant is a representation of the sun, and is based on a Roman necklace of the third century AD. It is light and delicate, warm and bright, featuring gorgeous and distinctive S-curved beams that radiate outward in all directions. It may also be purchased along with one of our 18" Italian gold or silver chains, available here

According to Greek mythology, Hemera was the goddess of the daytime, the personification of day. She was one of the Greek primordial deities, and the daughter of night, Nyx. Every night, Nyx would cover the sky with her veil, bringing night, and every morning, Hemera would scatter her mother's fog and bring daylight to the earth, again.

Our pendant is available in 925 Sterling Silver for $145, and in golden Yellow Silver for $75.

Pendant Details

Overall diameter: 4 cm (1.6 in)

Pendant thickness: 2 mm (.08 in)

Pendant is heavy

Gold and Silver Type