Aequitas Bracelet


This gorgeous bracelet once again demonstrates that ancient Roman jewelry is timeless, fashionable, and exceedingly wearable. Its sleek design has decorative terminations featuring linear and geometric patterns that lend it a contemporary flair. It is inspired by a Roman example dating to the second century AD.

Roman bangles were often adjustable, with overlapping ends that could be tightened or opened according to the wishes or needs of the wearer. This is one such example, with ends that may be closed or opened slightly, though the flat nature of the bracelet differentiates it from the other bracelets in the class that typically feature a rounded shape.

"Aequitas" means "equity," "fairness," and "symmetry and evenness." The Roman Aequitas was the personification of equity and fairness, and was often depicted holding a pair of scales to represent equality and fair dealings. Representing true fairness, she was regarded as a goddess of honest merchants, presiding over fair dealings in contracts and negotiations.

Bracelet Details

Height: 7 mm (.25 in)

Available Precious Metals and Prices

925 Sterling Silver: $225

18 Karat Gold Over Sterling Silver: $425

14 Karat Gold: $2,185

18 Karat Gold: $3,225

Gold or Silver Type
Size (Circumference)