Aeterna Ring 22K


This solid gold tubular ring was one of the most common and beloved shapes, and was often a promise ring, in ancient Roman times, given before marriage - the anulus pronubus. Its simplicity is timeless, and its beauty increases with age. This ring is modeled after an example from a port town north of Rome, from the first century AD.

"Nevertheless, in these days of ours, you are preparing for a covenant, a marriage-contract and a betrothal; you are by now getting your hair cut by a master barber; you have also perhaps given a pledge to her finger!" - Juvenal, Satires 6.27 (early second century AD)

"Aeterna" means "eternal."

Our 22 Karat gold ring is perfect for men and women. It is available for $1,015, in sizes 4 - 14.

Ring Details

Diameter of shank: 2.5 mm (.1 in)