Artemisia Earrings


These incredible dangle earrings are as surprising as they are unique! Here, a large spiral sits at the top of two others, which, combined with the large oval that surrounds them, form the dangle for the earring. They are based on Mycenaean Greek earrings found in the so-called "Grave of the Women" at Grave Circle A at Mycenae, dating to the 16th century BC.

The great Queen Artemisia I of Caria reigned over the eastern Greek cities of Halicarnassus, Cos, Nisyrus, and Calymnos during the early 5th century BC. In the Persian Wars, this region was primarily allied with the Persians against the rest of Greece. Known for her daring leadership, Artemisia forged a close alliance with King Xerxes of Persia during the war. She alone even attempted to advise Xerxes against participating in the perilous Battle of Salamis in 480 BC. It turns out that she was correct, as the outnumbered Greeks utilized strategical maneuvers to triumph in the battle despite the massive Persian fleet. Not one to shy away from danger, Artemisia herself participated in the battle. She remarkably launched five of her own ships against the Greeks, and was captain of one of the ships in person. Artemisia thus stands out among ancient Greek women for her direct participation in warfare, fighting alongside her male peers.

Herodotus recounts her bravery and strategic thinking during the battle, including the sinking of an enemy ship to escape - all while King Xerxes watched in amazement from the shore:

"I see no need to mention any of the other captains except Artemisia. I find it a great marvel that a woman went on the expedition against Hellas: after her husband died, she took over his tyranny, though she had a young son, and followed the army from youthful spirits and strength, under no compulsion. Artemisia was her name ... She was the leader of the men of Halicarnassus and Cos and Nisyrus and Calydnos, and provided five ships. Her ships were reputed to be the best in the whole fleet after the ships of Sidon, and she gave the king the best advice of all his allies." - Hist. VII.99.1-3

Earring Details

Overall height: 3 cm (1.2 in)

Maximum diameter of dangle: 2 cm (.8 in)

Dangle is solid

Available Precious Metals and Prices

 925 Sterling Silver: $225

18 Karat Gold Over Sterling Silver: $385

14 Karat Gold: $985

18 Karat Gold: $1,385

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