Flavia Earrings


Our Flavia earrings are bold and stylish, with beautiful red garnet stone set into a round bezel, below which hangs a striking and solid wedge-shaped geometric ring. These earrings are based on an example found at Pompeii, from the first century AD. They feature the Roman hook at the back, but are also available with a post back. They may also be made as a set of clip-on earrings.

"Flavia" was the name of an important plebeian family, or gens, in ancient Rome. Over time, its members held such important posts as Tribune of the Plebs (fourth century BC), and even consul (first century BC). During the first century AD, members of the branch of the family known as the Flavii Sabini became Rome's emperors. These were Vespasian (r. AD 69 - 79), Titus (r. AD 79 - 81), and Domitian (r. AD 81 - 96); the emperors of the Flavian Dynasty.

"Flavia" is the female patronymic form of the name Flavius. One famous Flavia was Julia Flavia, also known as Julia Titi (l. AD 64 - 91), daughter of the Roman emperor Titus and his first wife. After her own husband died, she lived the rest of her life in the imperial palace with her uncle Domitian and his wife, and was deified after her death.

Earring Details

Overall height: 3 cm (1.2 cm)

Stone diameter: .8 cm (.3 cm)

Available Precious Metals and Prices

 925 Sterling Silver: $225

18 Karat Gold Over Sterling Silver: $385

14 Karat Gold: $985

18 Karat Gold: $1,385

Gold and Silver Type