Hypatia Earrings 22K


These sleek earrings are among the most beloved forms, across ancient cultures! Here the delicate hoop crescendos to a gorgeous and perfect wedge. The soft gold allows the top of the earring to be moved for insertion into the ear, exactly as the ancient examples were inserted, and most purely faithful to their design. This earring is based on an ancient Cypriot example, likely dating to the fifth century BC.

"Hypatia" is Greek for "the highest." One famous Hypatia was an early fifth century AD philosopher, astronomer and mathematician in Alexandria, Egypt. She was the only female specialist and teacher in these disciplines at the time, and thus a true pioneer. As an astronomer, Hypatia was especially interested in the movement of planets and stars, and the sphere was thus always of particular importance.

Our 22 Karat gold earrings are available for $1,295.

Earring Details

Overall diameter: 2.4 cm (1 in)