Drusilla Earrings


An ancient twist on the hoop earring! Our Drusilla earrings are based on the so-called "boat earrings" so popular in ancient Cyprus, and dating to the sixth or fifth century BC. Here, a gorgeously curved chevron-shaped drop falls from the ear, cascading to a dramatic point at the bottom. 

"Drusilla" is the female patronymic form of the name Drusus. One notable Drusilla in the years of the early empire was Julia Drusilla (AD 16 - 38), whose lineage was particularly impressive, as she was related to all of the first emperors. She was the great-granddaughter of Augustus, the grand-niece of Tiberius, niece of Claudius, and aunt of Nero. Daughter of honorable Germanicus (grandson of Livia) and sister to Caligula, Drusilla lived a short but brilliant life, as her brother and emperor Caligula favored her publicly above all of their other siblings and even declaring her his heir. After she died, he had her deified and consecrated as Diva Drusilla Panthea.

Earring Details

Overall height: 3 cm (1.2 in)

Maximum width: .6 cm (.25 in)

Available Precious Metals and Prices

925 Sterling Silver: $125

18 Karat Gold Over Sterling Silver: $205

14 Karat Gold: $655

18 Karat Gold: $945

Gold and Silver Type