Felicitas Bracelet AMOR


This gorgeous solid tubular bracelet is as weighty as it is sleek, and is modeled after a sixth century BC Greek example. 

"Felicitas" means "happiness." As a divine figure in the Roman world, Felicitas brought productivity, happiness, and blessedness. In the late Republic, she became the special protector of Roman generals, and during the empire, would soon come to symbolize the blessings of the imperial regime, specifically the wealth and prosperity of the Roman empire.

She was often depicted on coins as a female figure carrying the horn of plenty, or the cornucopia, and the caduceus or messenger's staff (Mercury, the messenger god, was also a god of commerce, in the Roman world). Starting with the emperor Trajan in the second century AD, these coins celebrated "Felicitas Temporum," or the "Prosperity of the(se) Times."

"Felicitas" was a watchword used by Julius Caesar's troops at the Battle of Thapsus (46 BC), a battle against Caesar's Republican enemies during the civil wars, in the province of Africa.

Our bracelet is available in 925 Sterling Silver for $145, and in golden Yellow Silver for $85.

Bracelet Details

Height of tube: .6 cm (.25 in)

Flat interior

Gold or Silver Type
Size (Circumference)