Lotis Earrings AMOR


These distinctive earrings are both simple and stately, and are based on a Hellenistic Greek example dating from the third century BC today. Here, a stylized lotus blossom hangs beneath a delicate hoop.

In Greek mythology, "Lotis" was a naiad or water nymph of Doris in northern Greece who was transformed into a lotus plant, a story recounted by the Roman imperial poet Ovid, in his Metamorphoses: “Who wills, the truth of this may learn from all quaint people of that land, who still relate the Story of Nymph Lotis. She, they say, while flying from the lust of Priapus, was transformed quickly from her human shape into this tree, though she has kept her name." - Met. 9. 334

Our earrings are available in 925 Sterling Silver for $135, and in golden Yellow Silver for $75.

Earring Details

Overall height: 3.5 cm (1.4 in)

Diameter of hoop: 1.5 cm (.6 in)

Width of dangle: 1.4 cm (.55 in)

Gold and Silver Type