Prosperitas Ring AMOR


This elegant gold ring reproduces one of the most popular and widespread types in ancient Rome. Its single sheaf of wheat symbolizes abundance, life and fertility. This example is based on a ring found in the excavations at the Roman town of Herculaneum in the Bay of Naples, dating to before AD 79.

"But for Triptolemus ... (Demeter) made a chariot of winged dragons, and gave him wheat, with which, wafted through the sky, he sowed the whole inhabited earth." - Apollodorus (second century AD), Library 1.5.2

"Prosperitas" means "prosperity."

Our ring is available in 925 Sterling Silver for $145, and in golden Yellow Silver for $75.

Ring Details

Diameter of ring shank: 4 mm (.15 in) in front, 3 mm (.1 in) in back

Gold and Silver Type