Securitas Ring AMOR


The Romans locked their chests, cabinets, and doors with locks that were opened with keys, very much as we do, today. Roman keys were unique, however, in that they were often attached to rings, and thus could be worn on a finger, or on a necklace or chain around the neck.

Each Roman lock was different, so every key had a different design. Many ancient Roman bronze locks and keys have been found! The majority date to between the first and third centuries AD, and our ring is based on one from Roman Britain that we found particularly striking. It is available for men and women, in sizes 4 - 14.

"Securitas" in Latin means "safety, security, and freedom from cares."

Our ring is available in 925 Sterling Silver for $125, and in golden Yellow Silver for $65.

Ring Details

Overall height: 1.7 cm (.7 in)

Height of shank: 4 mm (.16 in)

Thickness of shank: 2 mm (.07 in)

Length of key: 1.3 cm (.5 in)

Gold and Silver Type