Paula Earrings


These majestic earrings are an adaptation of one of the most common Roman earring types, adding a subtle ribbed texture to the exterior surface of these rounded favorites. They are based on a gorgeous ancient pair found at the Roman town of Herculaneum, dating to before AD 79. Our earrings may be ordered with a post back, or as a set of clip-on earrings. Please specify your choice in the Special Instructions area of this page.

"Paula" is the female patronymic form of the male name "Paulus." One ancient Roman Paula was Julia Cornelia Paula, who lived in the third century AD. She was a member of the gens Cornelia through her maternal line, and her father, Julius Paulus, was a praetorian prefect and an important jurist in the time of the Severan dynasty. In the year AD 219, she was married to the Roman emperor Elagabalus in a lavish ceremony with much celebration. The Greek historian Herodian (c. AD 170 - 240) recounts, "[Elagabalus] married one of the noblest of the Roman ladies, and proclaimed her Augusta." - Hist. 5.6.1

Earring Details

Overall height: 2 cm (.8 in)

Diameter of small sphere: .5 cm (.2 in)

Diameter of large sphere: 1.5 cm (.6 in)

Available Precious Metals and Prices

925 Sterling Silver: $275

18 Karat Gold Over Sterling Silver: $565

14 Karat Gold: $1,225

18 Karat Gold: $1,655

Gold and Silver Type