Tia Earrings


These stunning earrings depict the stylized Egyptian lotus flower so popular in ancient art. They are inspired by golden Ptolemaic clothing ornaments dating to the second century BC, and feature a post back.

Tia (or Tiaa) was an ancient Egyptian queen during the Eighteenth Dynasty period (1550 - 1292 BC). Married to Pharoah Amenhotep II, she was also mother to the next Pharoah, Thutmose IV. It was during her son's reign that she finally earned the title of Great Royal Wife, which had been held by Amenhotep's mother, while he was alive. She also held the title of King's Mother. After her own death, Tia was given a royal funeral, and buried in the Valley of the Kings.

Earring Details

Earring height: 1.5 cm (.6 in)

Earring width (front to back): 2 mm (.08 in)

Available Precious Metals and Prices

925 Sterling Silver: $75

18 Karat Gold Over Sterling Silver: $145

14 Karat Gold: $285

18 Karat Gold: $455

Gold and Silver Type