Aegyptus Pendant AMOR


This adorable pendant is small, but it makes a huge statement! Based on an ancient Egyptian original dating 660 - 380 BC, our amulet may be personalized with a letter, word or name on the front, and with a more personal message on the back, or both! The price includes the engraving. Please indicate your inscription choice(s) in the Special Instructions area of this page.

"Aegyptus" was the Roman name for ancient Egypt, which became one of Rome's provinces in 30 BC. Aegyptus was by far the wealthiest Roman province outside of Italy, and its capital of Alexandria was the second largest city of the Roman empire. Alexandria's port, and the province's grain, made Aegyptus indispensable to Rome.

Our pendant is available in 925 Sterling Silver for $105, and in golden Yellow Silver for $65.

Pendant Details

Height: 1.6 cm (.6 in)

Length: 1.7 cm (.65 in)

Thickness: 2 mm (.08 in)

Gold and Silver Type