Anthemia Earrings AMOR


Our Anthemia earrings recall a very popular vegetal design in the Greek and Roman world, the palmette or anthemion. The design was often used on antefixes, or the decorative vertical blocks that terminate the covering tiles of a tiled roof (hiding the joins between them), though our earrings are based on a gold Greek clothing ornament of the fifth century BC. Our earrings may be ordered with a post back, or as a set of clip-on earrings. Please indicate your choice in the Special Instructions area of this page.

"Anthemia" is a Greek name that means "in bloom."

Our earrings are available in 925 Sterling Silver for $115, and in golden Yellow Silver for $65.

Earring Details

Height: 1 cm (.4 in)

Width: .6 cm (.25 in)

Gold and Silver Type