Daphne Earrings AMOR


Our large spiral earrings are as playful as they are striking. They are a part of our modern collection, designed by Elena.

According to Greek mythology, Daphne was a naiad, a nymph associated with fountains, springs and other bodies of freshwater. The beautiful Daphne became the unwilling object of infatuation of the god Apollo. To escape him, she begged her father, the river god Peleus, to come to her aid. This he did, by turning her into a Laurel tree; a tree that would thenceforth be particularly special to Apollo.

Our earrings are available in 925 Sterling Silver for $125, and in golden Yellow Silver for $95.

Earring Details

Earring height: 5 cm (2 in)

Tube diameter: 2 mm (.08 in)

Gold and Silver Type