Nimrud Stud Earring AMOR


This stud earring has a long tradition going back to the ancient Near East! The floral motif is seen on a cuff bracelet adorning male figures in the very famous alabaster relief images from the palace at Nimrud, which date to c. 880 BC.

Nimrud was the ancient Assyrian city in the area today known as Iraq. It became the capital of the Neo-Assyrian empire when king Ashurnasirpal II (883–859 BC) built an impressive new palace there. The palace was adorned with extensive relief images, like the ones that inspired these earrings.

Our earring faithfully recalls the focal point of the wrist ornament seen in these reliefs, with a full and beautiful open flower enclosed in a central disc. Perfect for every age and gender, it is available with a post back and butterfly closure. Purchase just one, or a pair!

Our earring is available in 925 Sterling Silver for $45 (single earring) and $85 (pair) and golden Yellow Silver for $40 (single earring) and $75 (pair).

Stud Earring Details

Diameter of disc: 5 mm (.2 in)

Width of face: 1.4 mm (.06 in)

Gold and Silver Type
Single Earring or Pair