Roma, -ae (f), "Rome"
Romae (genitive or locative case), "of Rome" or "in Rome"

ROMAE was created by two jewelry enthusiasts, Cris Corrado and Elena Goulet, who are also mother and daughter. Cris is a classical archaeologist and museum professional who lives in Rome, Italy, and who has been working with Roman artifacts for over 20 years. She has always been particularly struck by the beauty and elegance of Roman jewelry, and convinced that the ancient designs would be as popular today as they were back then. Elena is an artist and entrepreneur who has spent much of her life in Italy. She has designed her own collection of Roman-inspired jewelry with a modern twist. The pair has dreamed of making this collection for many years, and is thrilled to finally bring their vision of Roman-inspired jewelry to you! Each of the pieces in the main collection is carefully designed and modeled after an original piece of ancient jewelry.

ROMAE is so fortunate to have an incredible extended family behind the jewelry! Our creative team includes the magical and visionary Odette Lopez, who is Director of Social Media, and the incredibly talented Pegah and Waqas, who assist in making the designs become a reality. We are so thankful for their time, brilliance and creativity; we are so thankful for them.

We care, and not just about the past.

We care about recounting and remembering history, and defending and safeguarding cultural heritage. We care about our environment and leaving the planet in a better state than we found it, so that it will survive for generations and thousands of years into the future. We care about health and education, and equal access to these things for the earth's general population, but above all, for women and children. These are ROMAE’s foundational values, and we are dedicated to action and responsibility in all of these areas.

ROMAE is committed to social and environmental responsibility, and to giving back in every way we can. We are a 100% woman-owned, and woman-run small business. We operate as a family, so grateful for all of the incredible support we have received, but also hugely aware of our responsibility to support others. That's why ROMAE donates 5% of profits to charitable causes. The charities involved are those dedicated to medicine and medical research, disaster relief, and providing food, wellness and education to at-risk populations worldwide. Our clients may choose where to donate the 5% profit from their purchase during the check-out process, where they may select from a list of our favorite charities, or specify one of their own.

ROMAE  Jewelry. Timeless elegance, redefined.


Photo: "Jewelry Making Workshop" detail of the Frieze of the Cupids, from the House of the Vettii, Pompeii, A.D. 50 - 79. Universal Images Group North America LLC / Alamy Stock Photo