High Relief Griffin Fresco from the Palace at Knossos Brooch


This brooch celebrates one of the most stunning frescoes of the Bronze Age Aegean, featuring 1.5 meter tall majestic and domesticated griffins tied by their collars to nearby columns. The griffins decorated the so-called "Great East Hall" of the palace at Knossos (1600 - 1450 BC), and feature the most sublime gentle curvature to their relief form. Their manes are delicately curled and resemble full locks of hair, and their bejeweled harnesses gently embrace their upturned heads. Calm and dignified, these griffins are truly regal. Today they adorn the walls of the Heraklion Archaeological Museum, in Crete.

Brooch Details

Height: 6.8 cm (2.7 in)

Length: 6.8 cm (2.7 in)

Thickness: 2 mm (.08 in)

Available Metals and Prices

Brass: $125

925 Sterling Silver: $185

14 Karat Gold: $2,595

Metal Type