Loxo Pinky Ring


The ultimate pinky ring! We have searched high and low for the perfect pinky ring, and have found it with this design, a part of our modern collection. The front of the ring is thick and substantial, and supports a beautiful and prominent round face that is over a centimeter in diameter! The face will easily accommodate an engraving of anywhere from one to three initial letters in Roman font type. If you would like your ring engraved, please specify the initial letter(s), or the design, in the Special Instructions area of this page. Everyone needs a pinky ring. Perfect for men and women, our pinky ring is available in sizes 1 - 11. 

"Loxo" was one of the three daughters of Boreas, nymphs of the area of Hyperborea. a mythical land "beyond the North wind." The Hyperborean nymphs were handmaidens of the goddess Artemis, and brought her worship to the island of Delos. There, they too were worshipped as demigoddesses in their own right. The nymphs presided over aspects of archery; Loxos presided over trajectory.

Ring Details

Diameter of ring face: 1.1 cm (.4 in)

Width of front ring shank: 2.5 mm (.1 in)

Width of back ring shank: 1.5 mm (.06 in)

Height of ring shank at the back: 4 mm (.16 in)

Ring is solid

Available Precious Metals and Prices

925 Sterling Silver: $135

18 Karat Gold Over Sterling Silver: $285

14 Karat Gold: $515

18 Karat Gold: $785

Gold and Silver Type