Luxus Ring 22K


This lavish and substantial ring is a statement of luxury, and is modeled after an original from Cyprus dating to the sixth century BC. Our ring is available in three variations, with one, two or three levels.

"Even at the present day, the greater part of the nations known to us, peoples who are living under the Roman sway, are not in the habit of wearing rings. In this, as in every other case, luxury has introduced various fashions ... loading the fingers with whole revenues...." - Pliny the Elder (first century AD), Natural History 33.6

"Luxus" in Latin means "luxury."

Our 22 Karat gold ring is available in sizes 5 - 10, for $755 (one level), $1,395 (two levels), or $2,035 (three levels).

Ring Details

Each level is .7 cm high (.28 in)

Number of Levels